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そこで、しっかり泣ける場所を作る必要性を感じ、「涙と旅カフェ あかね」の設立に至りました。

I started "Ruikatsu" in 2013, and have helped nearly 50,000 people cry throughout Japan. "Ruikatsu" is defined as follows. "Ruikatsu" is an activity to detoxify our mind by consciously shed tears in just a few minutes. By crying our autonomic nervous system switches from a state in which the sympathetic nerve which promotes tension and excitement, is dominant to a state in which the parasympathetic nerve in which the brain is relaxed, is dominant. This is the mechanism for relieving stress. Through my work, I came to think that modern people are even looking for places to cry. In Japanese society, crying is described in a negative context, such as "Don't cry for men" and "Tears are weapons for women." However, crying has become medically proven to be good for our health. "I can't cry in front of my family, I can't cry in the office, then where should I cry?" I hear a voice saying, "I can't cry in front of my family, I can't cry at work, and where should I cry?" Therefore, I felt the need to create a place where We could cry firmly, and came to establish “Tears and Travel Cafe Akane”.

コンセプト / Concept
涙と旅カフェ あかね の「涙」は、泣くことの大切さを、「旅」は、世界64か国をまわった経験から、 お店の名前にその言葉をつけました。 みなさまのお忙しい毎日の中で、ほっと一息つけるようなお店を目指しています。
The “tears” of the shop are about the importance of crying, and the “trips” are from my experiences in 64 countries around the world. I put that word in the name of the shop. I aim to be a place where we can relax in our busy everyday life.


①by appointment only ②the number of participants, from one to a maximum of five, can simultaneously experience "Ruikatsu" for about 90 minutes.


泣きたい人、泣けなくて困っている人、ストレスを溜めている人、人生に疲れている人 etc.

Those who want to cry, those who are in trouble because they cannot cry, those who are stressed, and those who are tired of life.

メニュー / Menu
10種類の紅茶 +
・泣ける映像や唄 ・泣ける絵本の読み聞かせや物語の朗読等 ・泣き言セラピー
<料金> 泣いた分だけ(お気持ち金)
10 kinds of black tea +
①images and songs that make you cry
②storytelling of picture books and stories that can be crying
③tears therapy
<price> only the amount you cried
イベント / Event
① 泣きネイル:
② 涙婚(涙活×婚活):
① crying nail:
"Ruikatsu" also have a beauty effect.manicurist performs nail treatment while you cry.After that you have become a beautiful woman.
< price > 17300 yen
② marriage hunting by tears:
The points of crying go well together. The prefrontal cortex allows you to find your ideal partner.
< price > 7900 yen
アクセス / Access
東京都新宿区西早稲田2-1-17  酒井ビル1F
2-1-17 Nishiwaseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 1F Sakai Building
営業時間 / business hours
月曜〜金曜/10:00~18:00 土日/10:00~17:00 不定休
Monday to Friday / 10:00~18:00    Saturday and Sunday / 10:00~17:00    irregular holidays
コンタクト / Contact

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